Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fear and Loathing in Copenhagen

I had a crazy two days just now. I went out to a big block party in Nørrebro which consisted of drinking on top of freighter containers, lots of Tuborg Guld and of course plenty of pissing in the street. We met some interesting characters: 16-year-old Danish rappers, some party people who invited us to an apartment party at 5 that morning. We stayed until 6, I got a falafel and we went to have a little morning spliff. I got home at 9, slept until 2, picked up some tall cans and biked to Parken for the FCK football match. Good shit no doubt. I will spare the boring details, but it has been interesting carousing the streets of Copenhagen.

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  1. hey doooo you wannnnaa get me an FCK scarf i'll love you foreverrr