Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Big Update

Wow, I have not written in this thing in almost two weeks. They have been a very busy two weeks though.

I just got back from a trip through Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, and Hamburg in Germany as well as seeing western Denmark. A memorable experience of the trip was going to a small bar in Sønderborg and seeing the place overrun with 16-year-olds dancing on tables and 2-liter pitchers of Carlsberg. Outside, on my quest to find a lighter, I ended up meeting dozens of young Danes, all of whom I forgot their name as soon as I met them.

Also, my best friend from 10 years ago is here visiting from Brazil. I picked him up from the Metro with tallcans in hand and it has been a party ever since. We only see each other rarely, but every time we visit the shitshow ensues. Our last encounter was a fateful roadtrip to Boulder at the end of last year.

I have been getting very little sleep lately but finally got a full 8 hrs last night after some much needed catching up on Entourage. I have decided to show my friend around the neighborhood and most days we end up drinking on the canals of Christianshavn. Sunday, we caught the first night of RubADubSundays in the new spot, a humble little dive in the meatpacking district called Kødboderne 18. I don't know if I mentioned it either but I also went to Malmö in Sweden. It was a pretty sweet experience and I got to see plenty of my friend, the umlaut. Also, I gorged myself on ultra-Swedish foods and saw old castles. The weather, unfortunately, was shit but the air looked very spooky and gothic which was cool.

Yesterday, the crew and I went on our first church crawl, which was a great success. We went around to historic old churches in central Copenhagen and drank fancy (read 20-30 kr.) bottles of wine. It was very fun and we all snapped plenty of pictures with buddy Jeebus.

On the reflective note (come on guys, this is a blog) it has been feeling more like home being here in København. If it weren't for the language barrier, I could even think about living here permanently. Watching shots of LA on Entourage didn't really make me nostalgic but rather reminded me how far away I am from the usual.

I still have the nagging feeling that I need to seriously pick up my musical work and I have made an overall resolution to get more serious about everything once my friend departs after this weekend. Being isolated from my home country has given me plenty of time to think and along with it plenty of new musical ideas. It is just funny working in a style in a place where that style doesn't really exist. I am getting a lot of good electro influences though by being in Europe. And as a plus, everyone is really impressed when I freestyle, even if it is not that good.

Well, back to life in busy Copenhagen. Peace out faithful reader.

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