Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Snow! and Fuck Police Brutality

It's snowing huge clumps right now. Today got off to a kind of hectic start. I spent the majority of the day working on my term paper about Søren Kierkegaard at the Kierkegaard Center and at the Royal Library. Just as I was leaving the Kierkegaard center out of frustration, I happened to see my professor walking down the street and he helped me out a little bit.

Last night, I was in Christiania with my friend Alex and a full on riot broke out in which 200 people were arrested. Rioters set fire to the street and threw Molotov cocktails at the police. In response, the whole island of Christianshavn was occupied by no fewer than 4 police trucks at each intersection. Trying to flee the riot, we raced 30 minutes through the woods in northern Christiania and then came back to the streets. On the way out of Christianshavn to the Centrum, both of us were searched by police waiting on Knippelsbro. Afterwards, we walked to our friend Julie's crib and decompressed from the hectic evening. On my way home, I had to get my bike from the Christianshavn metro station and watched the police action, still in full effect.

Tomorrow is my last day in Øresundskollegiet as well as my last before Barcelona and I am not even packed in the slightest, so that will probably occupy the rest of my evening. I was supposed to see Gogol Bordello tonight at a free concert outside at Rådhuspladsen, but the current weather might put a damper on that. Also, tonight will be the final gathering at Floss, pretty much the only bar I go to in Copenhagen. Realizing that this semester and the abroad experience is coming to an end has finally set in and it is with a bittersweet acknowledgment that I do everything "for the last time." Over the weekend, I marched in the 100,000-person climate rally, which was also packed with police.


Rage Against the Machine - Killing in the Name Of
Ol' Dirty Bastard - Shimmy Shimmy Ya
Mos Def - The Easy Spell, New World Water, Life is Real

Friday, December 4, 2009

Should've never put my rhymes with Dre...

"I snort that cocaine, it cleans out my sinuses." - Ol' Dirty Bastard

Yo guys whats up it's currently 4:14 AM so you can imagine how this one is gonna go. Basically, I just got back from some days in Amsterdam chillin out, a few diaspora Thanksgiving dinners here in CPH and some random occurences. So what is the world really? Is there any such thing as objective truth? Who cares man. I spent yet another weekend night socializing with some shit ass ignorant Danish people at some non-descript random bar in Copenhagen. Fuck it man. I don't even know why I'm writing this shit right now. I am drowning in school work and freezing my ass off. Not really a happy camper now. Also I have to go back to real school soon. Anywho, I hate pop music. It is really the pimple on the steaming turd that is the music industry. I guess I better go find a new career because legitimate musicianship is officially dead. Bach is not rolling in his grave, he is buying space in cemetery plots on Mars right now. Again my suspicion has been confirmed that I should just go live in the fucking woods or something. Fuck it man, this blog is not even worth finishing. I'm out.


Mos Def - Speed Law
Crown City Rockers - Soul
AntiSerum - Rambo Style
Cookies N Cream - all of their songs. Fucking genius band!
Tupac - You Can't C Me

Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well here we are in the infamous Prague. After a cheap bus ride from Vienna, the team and I plopped down at our hostel in the 2nd district, or Prague's new town. The morning I was checking out from the hostel in Vienna, I ran into another Angeleno in my room who recommended that I go check out a bar in Prague called Confessions started by a Nigerian roots/reggae singer where we could find cheap bear, rub a dub, and some fiyah.

As luck would have it, the place ended up being a few blocks away from the hostel and we spent the better part of the night there sitting and conversing with MC Jah Koko (the proprietor) and talking some life philosophies. I told him that I would be interested in collaborating on some dubstep tracks and he seemed to be game on the idea as well.

After treating us to a few rounds of Czech pilsner, we had to take a quick break from Confessions and go get some dinner. We did end up back in the bar where we played table football with a Dutch guy and got to meet some other Africans (it was the DJ's birthday). So, if you are ever travelling in Prague, hit this place up. (Safarikova 370/11, Praha 2 - Vinohrady by the IP Pavlova metro stop)



MC Jah Koko - Whatever You Do
Minus the Bear - Menos el Oso
Mos Def - True Magic, The New Danger
The Pharcyde - On the DL
Weezer - Keep Fishin
Tupac - Hit Em Up
Notorious B.I.G. vs Frank Sinatra - Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy
Claude von Stroke - The Beats of San Frandisco
Bob Marley - Exodus
Tahiti 80 - Chinatown, Fosbury
The Isley Brothers - That Lady

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rooster Dykes in Österreich

Yesterday, we all got on a bus to Vienna and checked into the hostel no problem. We headed to the national opera where we got tickets to see Macbeth for only three euros, which was a pretty sweet deal. The tram cars are fun to ride and there is a pizza/falafel stand at nearly every stop.

I was the only one in my hostel room when I checked in, but 5 minutes later a street punk named Gregor comes in. He explains that he usually lives on the street but has the hostel because it is too cold outside. Upon returning from the opera, I run into him in the elevator where he is plainly propositioning every female hostel guest for sex. I do not intervene, it's far too funny.

I go back down to the hostel's bar to plan out tickets to Prague and discuss travel plans with the group for the next day. There are two skinny white girls dancing with each other and soon they start making out for a solid chunk of time. The bar tender is walking by our table when he shatters a huge beer glass over everyone. In the morning, I run into a gaggle of Australians in the elevator, who were actually quite entertaining.


The Who - Summertime Blues
Reel Big Fish - Somebody Hates Me
Beastie Boys - Ill Communication

Monday, November 2, 2009

Buddha Pest

I got to Budapest today after a short and painless flight and a quick train ride. The local surroundings were pretty picturesque and I walked along the Danube crossing two of Budapest's bridges from Pest to Buda and back. Later in the night, I went to the planetarium in Népliget and saw a light show set to the music of Pink Floyd, needless to say I was quite blown. Other than dealing with a fucked up currency (180 forint = $1, so a beer costs 300 forint!), Hungary has been pretty cool so far and the architecture is amazing. It's also fucking freezing here, but not too much different than the rest of Europe. Peace peace and word word.

and now, I shall leave you with a playlist

Say Anything - ...Is a Real Boy
AntiSerum - Rambo Style
Pink Floyd - Money
Wes Montgomery - Summertime
Booker T. and the MGs - Hip Hug-Her
Souls of Mischief - Cab Fare
The Pharcyde - Devil Music

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bout to smack a bitch

Totally fucked up. Someone stole all of my ice cream cones from the freezer on my floor. I only got to eat one out of half a dozen waffle cones that took a lot of deliberation whether to spend the money on. : (. In other news, after a verbal tiff with a fellow American student, I was very incensed for a while, and have been very pissy the last day or two.

I showed up late for my Danish class's tour of Christiania and ended up biking around the whole place twice from top to bottom only to find them very near the entrance. The tour guide was a character (aren't they all) and let me roll a Bali (which I didn't even smoke).

Other than rotting my brain with electro music and going to dubstep shows, things have been pretty quiet. I am working on my music a lot more despite limited equipment and at least entertaining my friends.

Thursday - Went to a Danish birthday party (Mexican theme) and then everyone from the party went out at around 1. We went to a few bars before I finally call it a night at around 5. Somewhere around there I decided I will probably not be making my 8:30 class. A girl at the party brought a big bag of fake mustaches which entertained us for the whole night. Some people wore theirs to the bar.

Friday - Went to a dubstep show at Vega. Pretty chill. It lasted until around 5, at which point I went home and listened to some more dubstep and chilled out. Good sets by the Joker and local band Ohoi!. I guess it is getting big here. I used my leftover muffin from Amsterdam at the show which made for a fun night culminating in a 4:30 falaf (typical) by Enghave Plads.

Saturday - Woke up at 4 PM. Chilled with my Danish friends again and ended up at the bar til 7 partying with the bartenders and my friend who works there. Everyone wants to go to a Chinese bar at 7, but later all decide to go home. The sunrise over Kongens Nytorv/Nyhavn was actually quite spectacular.

Sunday - Wake up at 5 PM. Decide to go to Christiania and watch the sunset. Find some random Canadian girls and talk to the cute one of the group for a bit. Canadian accents were pretty thick.

Tuesday - Checked out the Statens Museet for Kunst. Pretty cool. Good collection of modern stuff too. Went to the bar later that night and some drunk Dane came to our corner and started yelling, screaming, sitting on laps, and causing a general ruckus. He introduces me to 7 of his friends, all regulars.

I will write more when I remember.


Natasja - Ildebrand i Byen (2000F remix)
The Joker - pretty much everything by the Joker
Ohoi! - Morder Dem
Danny Byrd - Red Mist
Prodigy - Out of Space
Dubstep remixes of Daft Punk, Rick Ross and Jay-Z

and as always, some illdøøm in the mornings (check the new songs www.myspace.com/doominati)

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Thank You Please (pyungyang)

Wercome to my blog, it delicate flower.

What a week! I am unpacking and re-settling back in warm and sunny København. Things are going pretty smoothly and the past week of school trips was pretty cool. It involved a tour (via bus) of Brussels (one week) and the Hague/Amsterdam (for a day each). Obviously, there was far too much blog worthy shit to type in here (and I forgot a lot) so I will just give you some highlights.


Depart by bus at 9:00 for Brussels, kill a whole bottle of gin with homeboy Alex on the way there. Walk around Brussel's red light district where we are staying at a Chinese-themed hotel.


Tour a chocolate place. Meet up with the other section at the hotel. Arab guys try to sell me a piece of hash for 50 euros on the street. I had to politely decline. Go to the bars and spleef it in Grand Place.


Toured a brewery. The class left without us so we asked the Chinese concierge to give us directions, then took the metro and arrived 10 minutes before the rest of the class. Drink with Tom later in the night. Homesickness hits me and I break down and buy a Carlsberg at a kiosk. Tom, Alex and I see a Belgian college initiation in the Grand Place. A girl from said hazing comes over to us dressed like Luigi from Super Mario Bros. and tries to sell us a lighter for 2 euro. I talk German to some hot German girls also touring the EU like us. They are 17.


You know how Chinese people sometimes use please the wrong way, just to be polite. For example: thank you please. I guess it's because in Chinese you can just use please like that. The hotel we were at was serving lo mein for breakfast. I was lagging in the breakfast line and a short little Chinese lady comes up to me and starts hurrying me along. Thinking that I speak French, the woman says to me "merci sil vous plait,merci sil vous plait." Translation: thank you please.


Both sections go to NATO to check it out. Pretty drab building and dull atmosphere. One funny thing about the place, there are signs everywhere that say "No Classified Conversations in This Area." We drive to the Hague which takes only 2 hours. Later in the night, I ate dinner with my class sitting next to our professor, Jacob. We drink some beers and after dinner I hit the coffeeshop with Alex. We went to a local Hague bar then smoked another doob at a canal.


Our class goes to see a trial at the ICTY, then we spend the rest of the day in Amsterdam. I hit up a canal-side bar and a coffeeshop. I eat a spacecake and drink two Heinekens before the bus ride back to Copenhagen. Alex and I cruise the alleys of the red light district scoping out the sexiest whores.


Arrive at 8:00, bike home in the rain carrying my luggage. Sleep until noon then go grocery shopping. Drop 200 kr on only a few items (Denmark prices) and return my cans at the machine. Go out with Tom and Ellen to the Denmark vs. Sweden game and drink heavily. After a week in Brussels, alcohol has no effect on me. Denmark wins the game and the streets get flooded by thousands of people. Hop a train back to the center (still no metro pass) and then head to Christiania. Chill for a bit then come home, make a pita in the kitchen, then lock my keys in the kitchen only to be rescued by my next-door neighbor.


Making dubstep tracks... http://www.myspace.com/doominati
also read up for my Kierkegaard class.

Playlist for the week

Rusko - Pro Nails remix, Jahova
DJ Antoine - Work That Pussy
Bob Marley - Riding High & Trenchtown Rock
Mos Def - pretty much everything

and of course,