Sunday, November 8, 2009


Well here we are in the infamous Prague. After a cheap bus ride from Vienna, the team and I plopped down at our hostel in the 2nd district, or Prague's new town. The morning I was checking out from the hostel in Vienna, I ran into another Angeleno in my room who recommended that I go check out a bar in Prague called Confessions started by a Nigerian roots/reggae singer where we could find cheap bear, rub a dub, and some fiyah.

As luck would have it, the place ended up being a few blocks away from the hostel and we spent the better part of the night there sitting and conversing with MC Jah Koko (the proprietor) and talking some life philosophies. I told him that I would be interested in collaborating on some dubstep tracks and he seemed to be game on the idea as well.

After treating us to a few rounds of Czech pilsner, we had to take a quick break from Confessions and go get some dinner. We did end up back in the bar where we played table football with a Dutch guy and got to meet some other Africans (it was the DJ's birthday). So, if you are ever travelling in Prague, hit this place up. (Safarikova 370/11, Praha 2 - Vinohrady by the IP Pavlova metro stop)



MC Jah Koko - Whatever You Do
Minus the Bear - Menos el Oso
Mos Def - True Magic, The New Danger
The Pharcyde - On the DL
Weezer - Keep Fishin
Tupac - Hit Em Up
Notorious B.I.G. vs Frank Sinatra - Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy
Claude von Stroke - The Beats of San Frandisco
Bob Marley - Exodus
Tahiti 80 - Chinatown, Fosbury
The Isley Brothers - That Lady

Friday, November 6, 2009

Rooster Dykes in Österreich

Yesterday, we all got on a bus to Vienna and checked into the hostel no problem. We headed to the national opera where we got tickets to see Macbeth for only three euros, which was a pretty sweet deal. The tram cars are fun to ride and there is a pizza/falafel stand at nearly every stop.

I was the only one in my hostel room when I checked in, but 5 minutes later a street punk named Gregor comes in. He explains that he usually lives on the street but has the hostel because it is too cold outside. Upon returning from the opera, I run into him in the elevator where he is plainly propositioning every female hostel guest for sex. I do not intervene, it's far too funny.

I go back down to the hostel's bar to plan out tickets to Prague and discuss travel plans with the group for the next day. There are two skinny white girls dancing with each other and soon they start making out for a solid chunk of time. The bar tender is walking by our table when he shatters a huge beer glass over everyone. In the morning, I run into a gaggle of Australians in the elevator, who were actually quite entertaining.


The Who - Summertime Blues
Reel Big Fish - Somebody Hates Me
Beastie Boys - Ill Communication

Monday, November 2, 2009

Buddha Pest

I got to Budapest today after a short and painless flight and a quick train ride. The local surroundings were pretty picturesque and I walked along the Danube crossing two of Budapest's bridges from Pest to Buda and back. Later in the night, I went to the planetarium in Népliget and saw a light show set to the music of Pink Floyd, needless to say I was quite blown. Other than dealing with a fucked up currency (180 forint = $1, so a beer costs 300 forint!), Hungary has been pretty cool so far and the architecture is amazing. It's also fucking freezing here, but not too much different than the rest of Europe. Peace peace and word word.

and now, I shall leave you with a playlist

Say Anything - ...Is a Real Boy
AntiSerum - Rambo Style
Pink Floyd - Money
Wes Montgomery - Summertime
Booker T. and the MGs - Hip Hug-Her
Souls of Mischief - Cab Fare
The Pharcyde - Devil Music