Friday, December 4, 2009

Should've never put my rhymes with Dre...

"I snort that cocaine, it cleans out my sinuses." - Ol' Dirty Bastard

Yo guys whats up it's currently 4:14 AM so you can imagine how this one is gonna go. Basically, I just got back from some days in Amsterdam chillin out, a few diaspora Thanksgiving dinners here in CPH and some random occurences. So what is the world really? Is there any such thing as objective truth? Who cares man. I spent yet another weekend night socializing with some shit ass ignorant Danish people at some non-descript random bar in Copenhagen. Fuck it man. I don't even know why I'm writing this shit right now. I am drowning in school work and freezing my ass off. Not really a happy camper now. Also I have to go back to real school soon. Anywho, I hate pop music. It is really the pimple on the steaming turd that is the music industry. I guess I better go find a new career because legitimate musicianship is officially dead. Bach is not rolling in his grave, he is buying space in cemetery plots on Mars right now. Again my suspicion has been confirmed that I should just go live in the fucking woods or something. Fuck it man, this blog is not even worth finishing. I'm out.


Mos Def - Speed Law
Crown City Rockers - Soul
AntiSerum - Rambo Style
Cookies N Cream - all of their songs. Fucking genius band!
Tupac - You Can't C Me

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