Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bout to smack a bitch

Totally fucked up. Someone stole all of my ice cream cones from the freezer on my floor. I only got to eat one out of half a dozen waffle cones that took a lot of deliberation whether to spend the money on. : (. In other news, after a verbal tiff with a fellow American student, I was very incensed for a while, and have been very pissy the last day or two.

I showed up late for my Danish class's tour of Christiania and ended up biking around the whole place twice from top to bottom only to find them very near the entrance. The tour guide was a character (aren't they all) and let me roll a Bali (which I didn't even smoke).

Other than rotting my brain with electro music and going to dubstep shows, things have been pretty quiet. I am working on my music a lot more despite limited equipment and at least entertaining my friends.

Thursday - Went to a Danish birthday party (Mexican theme) and then everyone from the party went out at around 1. We went to a few bars before I finally call it a night at around 5. Somewhere around there I decided I will probably not be making my 8:30 class. A girl at the party brought a big bag of fake mustaches which entertained us for the whole night. Some people wore theirs to the bar.

Friday - Went to a dubstep show at Vega. Pretty chill. It lasted until around 5, at which point I went home and listened to some more dubstep and chilled out. Good sets by the Joker and local band Ohoi!. I guess it is getting big here. I used my leftover muffin from Amsterdam at the show which made for a fun night culminating in a 4:30 falaf (typical) by Enghave Plads.

Saturday - Woke up at 4 PM. Chilled with my Danish friends again and ended up at the bar til 7 partying with the bartenders and my friend who works there. Everyone wants to go to a Chinese bar at 7, but later all decide to go home. The sunrise over Kongens Nytorv/Nyhavn was actually quite spectacular.

Sunday - Wake up at 5 PM. Decide to go to Christiania and watch the sunset. Find some random Canadian girls and talk to the cute one of the group for a bit. Canadian accents were pretty thick.

Tuesday - Checked out the Statens Museet for Kunst. Pretty cool. Good collection of modern stuff too. Went to the bar later that night and some drunk Dane came to our corner and started yelling, screaming, sitting on laps, and causing a general ruckus. He introduces me to 7 of his friends, all regulars.

I will write more when I remember.


Natasja - Ildebrand i Byen (2000F remix)
The Joker - pretty much everything by the Joker
Ohoi! - Morder Dem
Danny Byrd - Red Mist
Prodigy - Out of Space
Dubstep remixes of Daft Punk, Rick Ross and Jay-Z

and as always, some illdøøm in the mornings (check the new songs

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