Saturday, September 26, 2009

He actually thought he was the King of Kebab

Good morning readers. It is finally the weekend again, and that can only mean one thing, new blog! Homeboy Aaron is to my left sleeping on the floor and I am barely awake, but at my tiredest can't seem to sleep. Random tidbit: I found a place that gives away Vice magazine (which is always good for a laugh or two) right across from my school. This makes me very happy because I rarely stumble upon a Vice, but when I do, most of the shit in there is hilarious. I especially love DOs and DON'Ts. Maybe I am just a big enough of an asshole to appreciate the humor in there.


Last night, I took my friends out to a party in Nørrebro in a little courtyard behind King of Kebab. There was a ragin DJ (yes, he dropped some dubstep on us) and a lot of drunk people. Needless to say, good time by all. This last week I have been working on getting my new band ILLDØØMINATI on the track and have been downloading soft synths galore while being really confused at computer stuff.

While taking a piss/restocking on beer, some other people told us about some party at the other end of the block. Didn't sound too bangin from the outside so we didn't go. We all checked out King of Kebab for the first time, and they do make a tasty falafel indeed. I was waiting outside with my beer and I met some cool Jamaican guy who had to turn away from our conversation every 5 seconds to holler at girls (most of whom were walking with a guy already).

My Danish floormate Cecilie came and joined is later in the night and we went down to Christiania. There was a big stage on the field there and people were testing the lights for today's big birthday party (Christiania is 38 today). This ended in a massive light show creeping through the fog and was very trippy.

After walking back home, Aaron and I noshed out in the kitchen and then passed out. Relatively tame night I suppose. Tomorrow's post will probably be a little more entertaining.

Peace out and take care, or as the Danes would say: flimflømmeåføøffåæføåøæfåøåæø*

*just kidding, Danish is a little more complicated.


  1. LOL they just say hejhej! you nerd.

    lol oh vice magazine...(i love that section too heehee)

  2. That was my birthday/housewarming party you were at! Glad you had a good time. xx Nørrebrogade 20.