Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Return to Nørrebronx

Yesterday, my visiting friend and I went to go see a football match at the field near where I live. The match was a Christiania team versus the police. It was quite funny to watch and everyone sitting on the Christiania side was smoking much hash despite the police. In the end, the game was a draw but it was still very competitive nonetheless.

Later in the night, we headed towards a dubstep show at the Folket Hus in Nørrebro. When we went to the local metro station, there was an emergency evacuation and two firetrucks were racing down the street. We walked to Christianshavn to get the metro but there it was the same situation. We ended up just walking to Nørreport to meet our friends.

After drinking some wine and chilling at the lakes for a bit (Tom pissed 6 or 7 times while we were there), we decided to head over to the show. On the way, we encountered a musician trying to get 5 kr for cigarettes and he gave us each a puff of the spliff dangling from his mouth (no sooner than we were done, a cop car parked behind us).

After journeying to the 7-11 to get some tallcans, we came back to the people's park next to the show. Some people were attempting to start a fire which got to be quite warm and large. We ran into our friend Jacob from the night before and started talking to him, he hadn't made it into the show yet either.

(Quick aside: Friday night, the gang and I were hanging out at Nørreport, our usual meeting spot, when this guy asked for a lighter. After talking to him for a bit, he almost convinced us to get on a train to Roskilde at 11:15 PM and crash a 5,000-person university party there. Being low on cash and that Roskilde is fucking far, we politely declined. Not without taking down his number though.)

After going through the tallcan cycle a few more times, and chiefing a splifferooney, we made our way back to the growing fire. Now there was a fire in the street too. The road was just burning in a triumphant blaze and a group of Danish kids started breaking apart a chair to throw in the fire. Around 4:30 or 5, we all went to my falafel guy and got some killer falafel.

After getting some more beer at 7-11, we walked down Nørrebrogade back towards the metro and two guys sitting down tried to sell me some pot. I declined, but my friend bummed a cigarette from them. Somehow, we convinced them to blaze us up and we all smoked a spliff together sitting on the sidewalk in front of King of Kebab. As we crossed back over the lake towards the metro, the first signs of sun were beginning to appear.

While we were waiting for the train (which was thankfully running again), a girl approached me in Danish and I talked to her for a bit doing introductions and so forth. After exhausting my whole three sentences of Danish knowledge, we talked some more in English and got on the train. Let it be stated that she was a little younger and not great looking (she had a friend with her too but the friend was not much better). With that said, I have no objection to Danish girls trying to pick me up at the metro station. Løl.

So anywho, around 6 I finally made it to bed and got to enjoy the opening scenes of Super Troopers and a gorgeous sunrise before finally passing out for a few measly hours before now, when I am writing this long-ass shit. So the moral of the story is follow the shitshow. I bid you farewell my loyal fanbase, and a happy new year to my yids out there.


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