Thursday, August 20, 2009

Beach Weather

The past two days have been flawlessly sunny and warm, I have spent them just chilling at the beach all day. Denmark and California perhaps share similar customs: riding a fixed-gear cruiser to the beach, lounging about, and soaking up the sun rays. I played my guitar for a few hours while staring at the coast of Sweden and having a puff of spiced up Bali Shag. I am getting ready to move into the student apts. on Sunday. I have a loose agenda for the weekend consisting of parties Friday and Saturday and hopefully catching Rub'A'Dub Sundays and gettin irie to some riddims...løl. In all seriousness though, should be a fun time. I am also picking up my new trusty black steed from the bike repair shop tomorrow. Even though it is a damercykel (women's bike) I will still ride it ferociously. (It has actually come into style for young men to ride women's bikes, don't ask me why.)

In other news I have read almost 150 pages today, finishing Malcolm Gladwell's social science book Outliers and have cleared the first 100 pages of another book of his, The Tipping Point. I am glad to be reading voraciously again; it never hurts to give the mind a good workout. I have still been writing for my usual publications, but perhaps not as prosaic usual. I am trying to become a better writer, and tons of reading is part of the curriculum. I am not too worried about the DIS classes -- I have heard that they are easier than normal Whittier upper-divisions. With that being said, though, I plan on getting straight A's this semester as I continue to make my way towards Berkeley's journalism school. Hopefully Michael Pollan has not retired by the time I get there (Fall 2013).

Anywho, that's about it for now!

Recent soundtrack:

Art Tatum - Art Tatum: Piano Starts Here
Tupac - "Smoke Weed All Day"
Greatful Dead - American Beauty and The Closing of Winterland
Ornette Coleman - Change of the Century
Ghostly International (Adult Swim) - Ghostly Swim

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  1. what is rub a dub sundays? it sounds fun haha