Sunday, August 16, 2009

Thæ Mørning Åfter

After working on the road today with the neighborhood crew, I went into the city for night of cavorting and carousing. Chaos ensues.

General overview of the night:

8:30 - Arrive at Nørreport station, walk around the block, follow the music.

9:00 - Follow the drunk people and the music along Nansensgade, find my friend's bar.

9:05 - First beer.

9:30 - Found the dubstep booth out of the dozen or so DJs playing on the street. Bob my head a little and enjoy the smell of dank permeating the air.

9:35 - Gin & tonic. Mmmmmm. Return to the dubstep tent and bob my head some more.

9:45 - Get sick of dubstep, re-up on the beer and go to the house booth. Watch people dance and get shitty. This is dope. I'm starting to love København even more.

10:00 - 12:00 - Steady flow of beer and house music. Go to take a piss in mouth-shaped urinals in the basement of Bankeråt. Good shit.

12:15 - The most hellacious urge to pee encompasses my whole body and my bladder feels like it will burst any minute. I walk down to the lake and pretend to make a phone call while I piss on the grass. Most people are just doing it in the lake.

12:30 - A boy pedaling a bike with a speaker system tries (unsuccessfully) to plow through the crowd on the street. He is pumping house music from a PA and we won't let him leave. Buy two mini pizza dealios from a street kiosk and indulge my drunk munchies. Puff on the communal spliff making its way through the crowd.

1:30 - My friend's shift ends, we go back inside the bar and have a few beers/meet his coworkers (who all happen to be gorgeous women, he is the only guy working at the bar; go figure).

2:00 - 3:00 Drink on the street some more, go to a basement jam session right after it closes, go to the corner store and get a sixer of Tuborg.

3:30 - Go to get a rental ShittyBike (they are really called City Bikes but they are designed for people like 4 feet tall. Ironic in a country where everyone is tall. The hilarity, sadly, does little for my aching legs. I'm drunk and it's free, so I'm not complaining.

3:45 - Return to Nansensgade to find a riot scene going on with the party now moving up to practically every apartment above. Somehow even more people than before. Down to the last two beers which we decide to drink as we bike.

4:30 - Biking drunk through København, no traffic, the sun is rising as we cross the bridge into Christianshavn.

5:00 - Arrive at the apartment, carry the heavy rental bike up 6 floors and park it in the kitchen. Pass out on the couch.

Noon - Wake up, feel like death, chug some water and go back to sleep.

2:30 - Gain enough strength to leave the apartment. Go back to Nansensgade to return the bike. Street looks like a bomb went off. Walk to Nørrebro and get some fucking tasty ass falafel. Walk around, drink some coffee (medicine), go back to Nørreport.

5:30 - Catch the train back to Humlebæk and have a nice stroll through the countryside.

Great night. Hope it happens every weekend.

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  1. I think its really adorable that you use the Danish vowels in the english.

    But other than that....YOU'RE OUTTA CONTROL!!!

    just kidding.