Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I just almost fried myself stupidly trying to plug in an American power strip to my size converter (which lacks a more inportant VOLTAGE converter). My hard drive / pro-tools box arrived in my lost suitcase today, albeit a little smashed. I will wait to get a proper converter before frying my life's musical work. Trying to get a cell phone today so I can get in touch with all my Danish peoples. Glad that my other clothes arrived so I can stop dressing like I am going to work every day. Last night, I got extremely paranoid about my recently-pulled wisdom teeth. I was rinsing in the sink and out popped a little chunk of "something." Thought it might be a blood clot but turned out to be little more than a mushroom. Still didn't keep me from frantically phoning the dental office over Skype and asking them a laundry list of questions.

I am going to test the musical waters today and bike up to Helsingør to try and busk for some money. All goes well I shall buy some nice beer/liquor for my friends I am staying with. Until then, here's to hoping I don't get fried by the double voltage here in Europe.


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  1. Busking? Wonder how the indie scene is up there. Maybe just play cool blues scales and shit. This couple one time on the beach in NC gave me five bucks just because I was tuning my guitar with my case open.