Monday, August 24, 2009

First Self-Made Danish Dinner

I went shopping for the first time today, which is always an adventure, especially in a foreign language. I made smørrebrød for dinner -- herring on rye bread -- with a side of baked beans. Must admit, my current living situation is the epitome of ghetto fabulous, but don't forget the fabulous part. The neighborhood is like Danish Brooklyn. The dryer machines are expensive ($2/4 min!!) so I am doing it up old school and air drying out my window. So for now, I am just kicking it with my curry herring and Italian red wine. Time to kick back and see where the night takes me. I have yet to find anyone here (of the Americans) who would make a good addition to the shitshow crew. It is still early, so I will try to be optimistic. Peace.

1 comment:

  1. zomg fish and wine.

    SEND ME DANISH pastries